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Energy Law Associations in Europe

Norway: Petroleum and Energy Law Club
The Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law established the Club in 1990 at the University of Oslo. It has no legal personality an all activities are carried out directly by the Institute. The Club has 394 registries. Each meeting can be characterised as a small seminar, where a speaker first presents his topic, followed by discussions and questions from the audience. The audience is mainly practitioners from public and private entities in the petroleum and electricity sectors. The topics range from upstream resource management issues to downstream market issues. The Club holds 3-4 meetings in Oslo and 2-3 meetings in Stavanger each semester. Normally, 20-25 participants attend. Information on future seminars is available on the Institute's website:

Belgium: Vlaver
The Vlaamse Vereniging voor Energierecht (Vlaver, Flemish Energy Law Association) was established in 2002 as an association without legal personality. Like the Norwegian Petroleum Law Club it acts as a kind of friends of the Institute of Environmental and Energy Law of the University of Leuven or IMER. All activities and communication are an initiative of Professor Kurt Deketelaere if the IMER. The Vlaver has approximately 50 members. All communication goes by e-mail. The Vlaver organises several activities. During the first semester there are some three lunch meetings scheduled during which a guest speakers discusses a hot topic. These meetings are often organised in co-operation with the masters programme on energy and environmental law. During the second semesters the Flemish Yearbook on Energy law is presented during a half-day seminar in Leuven.


Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Energierecht
Hier vindt u de Inhoudsopgave van de laatst verschenen uitgave van het NTE (december 2008).

icon inhoudsopgave NTE jaargang 7, nummer 4

Preadvies Regulering van offshore windenergie
Het Preadvies is verschenen in de reeks Energie en Recht en is verkrijgbaar bij Intersentia Uitgevers, 

icon Preadvies Regulering van offshore windenergie

European Energy Law Report
Alle uitgaven van het European Energy Law Report zijn verkrijgbaar bij Intersentia Uitgevers, De inhoudsopgaven van de verschillende EELR's vindt u hier.

icon EELR I  icon EELR II  icon EELR III  icon EELR IV  icon EELR V  icon EELR VI


Nederlandse Vereniging voor Energierecht (NeVER)

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