EELS Privacy Notice

Please note our Privacy Policy. The seminar organization uses only the above entered personal information for the seminar only, i.e. for the purpose of (i) contacting the participant, (ii) completing the participant registration and drawing up of participant lists, (iii) the registration of professional education points and drawing up of participant certificates, (iv) invoicing, payment and payment collection, and (v) providing access to the seminar website and database (participant log-in) and taking related security measures. The seminar organization consists of the board and the secretary’s office of the Dutch Energy Law Organization NeVER, a limited number of identifiable staff members and assistants of the Groningen Centre of Energy Law and the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, an identifiable organization assistant, and NeVER’s website manager. By registering I accept that the seminar organization uses, where necessary, my personal information for the above-mentioned purpose. The seminar organization shall not disclose said information to any other except where compelled by law. By registering I accept that my name, company and country are included in the seminar's participant list, which list will be made available to the participants at the time of the seminar.